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Text Post Sat, May. 11, 2013 1 note

Everyone I graduated highschool with is posting how they graduated college today. I recently began to accept I’ll never be able to graduate due to money with zero help. If you’re wondering what’s really getting me down today. That’s why. I feel like I let myself down and I failed.

Text Post Wed, May. 08, 2013 1 note

To my Nephew

The day your mother told me what I’d be,
That I would soon be an Aunt
Is a moment I’ll always keep with me.

I was filled with excitment and joy
That she would finally be a mother.
And just like my grandma said, to a baby boy.

The thought of being an Aunt has always been on my mind.
Oh the things we’ll do and the joy you’ll bring.
You’re the missing piece, you’re the bind.

I can’t wait to watch you grow.
I can’t wait to see the kind of man you become.
I’ll always be right here when things get low.

Tyler John you will never understand the happiness you brought to me.
You’re my little Life Saver.
And I will support you to be whatever you choose to be.

My wish for you is simple and sweet.
A life full of happiness and love.
And I hope you bring the same joy you’ve given your Aunt to everyone you meet.

I will always love you to the moon and back.
My love for you is a love like no other.
Please let me know if I ever lack.

Tyler, today is the first day of the rest of your life.
I’ve never been more proud to call you my nephew whom I love.
You were sent to strengthen our family from loved ones up above.

I love you Tyler John. I hope I’m the best Aunt you could have. You deserve it.

Here’s to many years of love and happiness

Text Post Wed, Apr. 24, 2013 2 notes


Does seeing a therapist really help?

Stop telling me I always seem so happy.

I’m not.

Quote Post Sat, Mar. 16, 2013 4 notes

“I’m sick of being an option.”

Seriously, like 95% of people I know always make me feel like I’m just an option. I’m sick of it. You only invite me when it’s convenient to you.

Going to breakfast alone?

Whenever I see people out to eat alone I think it’s kind of sad. I always think they must be lonely. Right now though I’m about to go to breakfast alone. No one wants to go with and I really want crepes. What does one do while waiting for food at breakfast alone? Do they still sell newspapers nowadays? Will I be that lonely looking girl? It’s ok. I am that lonely girl.

I love the Chicago Blackhawks.

12-0-3. Surreal.


You Make Me Cry :D on -


You Make Me Cry :D on -

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